Property Management: Service That Matters

Our property management operations serve residents, maintain properties and improve communities.

  • Institute of Real Estate Management Accredited Management Organization

    More than 11,000 apartments owned or managed

    420,000 square feet of commercial space owned or managed

    Properties in 14 states and Washington, D.C.

Service That Matters

With properties under management in 14 states and Washington, D.C., we strive for consistent execution to achieve operational excellence. Our properties outperform industry standards in key areas, such as resident occupancy, rent collection and asset preservation. Our commitment to quality management has garnered consistently high inspection and audit scores, along with industry recognition. More than 30 of our properties have received the National Affordable Housing Management Association Community of Quality® designation.

Our professional leasing specialists expertly manage every phase of the leasing process, and our friendly maintenance technicians respond to every request with promptness and attention to detail. We’ve adapted best practices from the retail and hospitality industry to achieve top-notch resident satisfaction. Routine resident surveys ensure that our employees stay focused on keeping customers satisfied and properties looking great.

In all of the 11,000 units we own or manage, we’re committed to making sure that every resident has a quality place to live, a supportive community, and the opportunity to succeed. Whether it’s fixing a leak, organizing a block party or hosting a resume writing workshop, we strive to exceed the traditional job expectations of a property manager. And we do it because we truly care about our residents.

“We were confident when we transferred Merrill Court to TCB that the property would be recapitalized and operated for the benefit of its residents and the community for years to come.” Ralph Brown, Chicago housing developer