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To Build and Sustain

‘Build’ means that we add to the supply of quality real estate that makes a neighborhood healthy and competitive. The majority of our work is building and rebuilding multifamily housing. We also build strong communities by developing and investing in neighborhood businesses and amenities, such as transit stations and schools. ‘Sustain’ means operating quality housing as responsible stewards of all aspects of the development. This includes building maintenance and property curb appeal, financial stability and connections to community partners.

Strong Communities

Our work catalyzes or contributes to ‘strong communities’ that include attractive homes and healthy businesses near transportation, parks and schools. We collaborate with partners to empower and connect our diverse residents with a variety of opportunities.

Where People of All Incomes Can Achieve Their Full Potential

We believe communities are stronger when people of ‘all incomes’ call a neighborhood home. We strive for economic diversity and a mix of incomes in housing for both families and seniors. We also believe it is in our mission is to be a catalyst for residents to achieve their personal aspirations for success, and for that success to generate community wealth and well-being. We work to create opportunities for resident success in neighborhoods that are strong and as well as areas with unrealized potential.