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PARTNER WITH USIt takes strong partnerships to build strong communities.



To enhance neighborhood strength with educational facilities and opportunities.


To invest in economic and educational opportunities with measurable impact.

Business Owners

To link retailers and businesses with new markets.


To leverage innovative strategies to maximize capital.

Housing Development Authorities

To preserve quality homes affordable to all.

Community Development Corporations

To execute local vision with decades of experience.


To expand access to medical care for healthier communities.

Cultural and Community Groups

To collaborate with local residents to realize community goals.

Public Officials

To help families and seniors thrive.

Community Service

To work with local leaders to achieve returns on public investments.
Beach 21st

I commend the intentional work of The Community Builders to ensure M/WBE utilization and local partnership are a priority for community development.”

Khaleel Anderson, Assembly Member
New York State

Who would ever have thought that a group of low-income residents would give this much input and be heard. Promises were made, and promises are being kept.”

Althea Sims, President
Community Development Commission, City of Chicago

This is the beginning of a new change with the comfort of a safe home with fresh air to breathe and peace. Thank you for the cake of freedom and choice and I can’t wait for the icing in this community.”

Marilyn Olds, Resident

We would especially like to thank TCB for sitting down with us at resident council meetings, informing us on how this construction would come about, and working with us for a smooth transition.”

Hubert Dickerson, Resident

Whether it’s connecting new parents to childcare, ensuring residents have access to nutritious food or bridging the digital divide for residents in low income communities, your commitment to centering residents, their needs and their experiences in all that you do is inspiring and so necessary.”

Michelle Wu, Mayor
City of Boston

The Community Builders really get it. They live up to their name. They’re committed not just to building great housing but to building a community.”

Shirley Newsome, Commissioner
Community Development Commission, City of Chicago

I appreciate that TCB is thinking about work force training opportunities for our local residents. This creates opportunity to respond to crimes in our cities by ensuring that our young people remain productive. TCB is creating partnerships to change the system.”

Amy Liu, Vice President
The Brookings Institution

There is no greater predictor of your health than where you live. When TCB residents face less stress trying to make the rent, they can focus on going back to school or getting a better job.”

Megan Sandel, M.D., M.P.H,
Boston University School of Medicine

TCB initiatives are giving residents a fresh start and a key to unlocking the life they deserve.”

Brandon Scott, Mayor
City of Baltimore

I have especially been blessed to work with TCB as a partner. We share the same hope, determination, and pride as members of the Avondale community, allowing us to make positive changes to improve housing, health and education.”

Monica J. Mitchell, PhD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital


What is TCB?
Founded in 1964, The Community Builders, Inc. (TCB) is a mission-driven, nonprofit real estate organization that develops, owns, and manages mixed-income housing.
What is TCB’s mission?
Our mission is to build and sustain strong communities where all people can thrive.
How does TCB create long-term value for residents?

TCB not only builds high-quality homes, we invest in resident initiatives and neighborhood amenities that advance equity and opportunity.

What is TCB’s Community Life (CL) model?

Community Life is The Community Builders place-based model that uses healthy and stable housing as a platform for residents to connect to community resources and opportunities to thrive. By creating programs and building strategic partnerships with residents and local stakeholders, Community Life helps create pathways to opportunities in early education, economic mobility, youth development, community engagement, voting access, healthy living, and resident leadership.

How many properties does TCB own/manage?
TCB currently owns or manages over 150 properties across the Great Lakes, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, New England, and New York/New Jersey regions.
Where is TCB active?
Anchored by offices in Boston, Chicago, Columbus (OH), New York City, and Washington D.C., we operate across 15 states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Washington D.C., New York, and New Jersey.
How will my donation to TCB help?
Your generosity unlocks opportunity for residents to learn, earn, and pursue their dreams through TCB Community Life. Donations to TCB support award-winning resident initiatives that give babies a healthy start, connect young families to employment and child care, and keep seniors healthy and active.
How can I make a donation to TCB?

You can make a donation to TCB by clicking here.

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